The BIO Agency

Whitepaper case study


I recently completed a three month internship at The BIO Agency, the last month of which was spent designing two publications. BIO publishes quarterly white papers, I created the layout and illustrations for a pair while reporting to a senior art director.



I was provided with Word documents containing the final (ish) draft for each paper. I started by reading the whole thing and then drawing out a rough flat plan. After this I dumped the copy into spreads in InDesign, marking spaces for the illustrations, graphs and diagrams.



After having the datadump signed off I began typesetting and illustrating the spreads. After each round of designs I printed out and presented to the art director for feedback.

graphs and


Although the rough illustration style was set by the previous white papers, I set exact guidelines to ensure the line weight and colours were consistent throughout both papers. For the last couple of weeks I was able to brief another intern who started at the company on pages which still needed visuals.


proof one

Unfortunately the final papers weren’t sent to print before I left, but I do have copies of the first proofs.