Bringing people together on time.

Most people see time as an enemy, but we believe time can be your friend; and we value our friends.


PUNCT. brings you together on time in the best possible way, by making punctuality and the world around you into a game. It's an app for people who want to make the most of their time and make the most of seeing their friends.



What is PUNCT?

Create an event

Set a new event with who's coming, where it is and what time everyone is going to meet at. Your friends will be able to say whether they can make it and if they accept, they'll be added to the board and get a notification telling them when to leave.

See who's ahead on the Mapboard

The Mapboard is an abstracted view of you and your friends journey’s, it updates in real time so you can see who's on time and who's running late. However, it doesn't show any place names or actual locations, preserving your privacy.

Get real world encouragement

Smart signs on the underground and bus shelters let you know that you're making good time. You might even get a Public Transport Shout Out from a member of TFL staff when our app confirms your on time.

Earn rewards for being on time

Get free drinks and other discounts from our partners when you set your meeting up at participating locations. You even have the option to add a penalty, make those frequent latecomers owe you a pint!


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